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La Boutique di Adani is the current name of the former Boutique dello Sport, a one-hundred-year old business belonging to the Adani family and established by Angela, wife of Amos, famous soccer player of the Modena and Bologna Football Clubs in the 1970s/80s.It was Angela in fact who, besides changing the name of the business, also decided to acquire the historical premises in piazza Mazzini and via Emilia Centro of the old palazzo "Finzi Levi", turning the sports article outlet into a sophisticated and modern women’s clothing boutique.

In the 1980s, Amos, his soccer career having ended, joined Angela in the business and, after purchasing further premises opposite the "Ghirlandina", also set up a menswear shop.

Despite the global economic downturn, 2009 was the year in which the Adani family, prompted by a healthy amount of “madness” and an ongoing family passion, passed down from one generation to another, purchased the missing corner of the historical “Finzi Levi” building in via Emilia Centro. Following the consequent renovation and extension of its premises, La Boutique di Adani increased in size from 700 to 1000 sq m of sales surface, on three floors, with adjoining prestigious tailor’s shop and a total of 16 windows offering upmarket customers some of the most sought-after designer names of the moment.

On the third and fourth floors of the same premises are the warehouses and the sales and administrative offices of the company. These take up a further 500 square metres.

Since September 2008, Amos and Angela have also been the owners of the new "Tip Tap di Adani" boutique – for 27 years an Emporio Armani outlet - covering 210 square metres and located in an elegant Art Nouveau style building opposite the famous "La Boutique di Adani", dedicated to bags, shoes and accessories for men and women made by leading international designers.

Amos & Angela Adani